Hello everyone! I am a LPN during the day and author at night. I have three daughters, two grandbabies, two boxers, two lizards, and four ducks. I love to write stories but never tried to put it on paper until some of my author friends pushed me to try. 

I decided to try it. So this book, Risky Lies, is off to the editor right now. 

The book is about a young adult, Jamison, who graduates from high school. Her friends sets out for  a weekend campsite in Jacksonville, Florida. Her ex boyfriend was coming and she has not talk to him in three months after breaking up with him over the phone. She meets a guy name John on the trip. They begin to get close.

John is a personal trainer for a gym and he goes off for a weekend alone after having a argument with his mother. His mother works for an escort service. He does not approve of this. On his trip he meets Jamison. He meets her for the first time after saving her from tripping over a stick.

When things start to go great there is big twist in both of their lives happen. Please join Jamison and John and see where their adventure takes them.




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